Why iHR

Since 2005, the Company is experienced in the field of recruitment and operations with banks, financial companies, and some governmental and semi- governmental bodies.

Platinum range with Saudisation percentage exceeds 98%.

(iHR) has a real experience in the protocol of dealing with leaders.

We offer employees many services and privileges including the employment agreements we have conducted with banks; discounts on clubs, centers, and trademarks; as well as travel and tourism services.

We rely on technology in most recruitment processes, and are ahead of our competitors in this matter.

We are the creator and exclusive developer of (iHR System) which is related to work management.

We work according to a unique business model to handle job interviews and manage large recruitment committees.

The company is fully involved in all recruitment operation in the public and private sectors.

Our branches are all around the major cities in Saudi Arabia.

Globally, we have more than 204 specialized recruiters of men and women.

Our Company has an autonomous management (for serving employees in outplacement projects).

We own and operate iHR talent acquisition center considered unique in the Arabic regions.

Our International Presence.

  • UAE / Dubai
  • Sweden / Stockholm
  • Jordan / Amman